JUPITER 100 is the new high definition arm robot of Dierre Robotics.

Developed on the proven technological basis of its big brother (version 150NIII), it presents excellent technical requirements.
The executive optimization and the reduction of work footprint make the Jupiter 100 an extremely powerful, rigid and 100% reliable machine, perfect for the pick and place. Fast, sharp and exact movements are at the basis of the executive concept of this robot.
As for the other versions, the 4½ and 5½ axes models, the unit permit a rapid configuration within everyone’s reach, The management of the movements is carried out as always by CoordinAx motion system by Dierre Robotics. The robot can be set up on the floor, wall, ceiling or directly on line production.

Working Area:
MOVE Ax 1: 340° @ 180°/Sec MOVE Ax 2: 105° @ 180°/Sec MOVE Ax 3: 155° @ 200°/Sec MOVE Ax 4½: 340° @ 360°/Sec MOVE Ax 5½: 340° @ 360°/Sec
230Vac/16A Control unit with Digital CoordinAx system by 7” Touch Screen – Multi I/O – remotable
Dimensions - Weight:
Footprint: R 600 mm – R 1300 mm Height: 1300 mm/td> Weight: 145 Kg
Portata al polso:
10 Kg (7,5 Kg 5½ axes version)
Repeatability and Resolution:
± 0,1 mm