profili Dierre
Aluminum profiles and accessories

Quality and resistance are the characteristics that distinguish the production of modular aluminum profiles of Dierre Group.

Protezioni Perimetrali Dierre
Perimeter protections

Flexible and customisable accident prevention systems for sheltering work islands.

Conveyor Lines
nastri trasportatori Dierre

Fast, robust and customisable, they are the ideal solution for all handling needs.

Guide Lineari Industriali
Linear Systems Motion

Precise and silent, they facilitate the automation of machines and industrial production processes.

Industrial Soundproofing

Protection systems and operator workstations for the industrial sector between innovation and design.

Applicazione per robot
Customised solutions

Always with a view to the maximum safety and the quality of the offered solutions, Dierre Group products are characterized by high versatility and functionali.

Robot antropomorfi Dierre
Anthropomorphic Robots

High precision and simple configuration for use in a wide range of sectors.