Frames and protections Bordomacchina

Technology and versatility at the service of safety at work in the world of industrial automation.
Dierre Group designs customised perimeter and modular protections for machinery and production lines operating in the most varied industrial sectors.
All the products are the result of an accurate research in the mechanical field carried out with the aim of realising versatile protections that can be installed even on very complex systems.


The Dierre Group perimeter protections make the production lines safe for the operators, giving essentiality and linearity to the installation area of the machinery. The products are in fact compact and carefully designed for companies wishing to combine the efficiency of their production lines with a high-level aesthetic image.

In terms of customisation, Dierre Group offers modular protections and perimeter protections that allow a totally tailor-made integration for machinery and industrial production lines.


The perimeter and modular protections designed by Dierre Group are manufactured in full compliance with the relevant international standards. Some products, such as the Self-Balance line, are also equipped with dedicated patents that make the offer to the customer exclusive.

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