Anthropomorphic Robots

From the more technological soul of the Dierre Group comes Dierre Robotics, specialised in the design of anthropomorphic robots.


Dierre Robotics, thanks to the development of twenty years of know-how as manufacturers of industrial robots, offers industrial robotics solutions that can meet the most diverse automation needs.

The services offered by Dierre Robotics in this area range from the simplest supplies for system integrators, to the design of complete solutions, tailored to each company with the aim of increasing the performance and reliability of production processes at low costs and with a reduction in maintenance.


More specifically, the company specialises in the production of high-precision anthropomorphic robots with proprietary technology.


Anthropomorphic robots from Dierre Robotics can be equipped with additional technologies that enhance their functionality:

  • Artificial guidance systems, which operate by means of optical couplings to high-resolution cameras, equipped with movements of up to 8 controlled axes;
  • Articulated joint robotic systems such as SCARA;
  • Small and medium-sized anthropomorphic systems;
  • Dedicated custom machines, such as feeders for pick and place, rotary tables and stand alone stations.

The design of anthropomorphic robots with proprietary technologies, combined with experience in the sector and the possibility of implementing robot functions with specialised integrations, makes each solution completely tailor-made. Today Dierre Robotics stands out, precisely for these reasons, as a manufacturer of industrial robots that find application in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including mechanical, electronic, electrical, aeronautical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.