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Dierre designs, manufactures and markets technologically advanced protections and components with high aesthetic impact for industrial automation in the most diverse sectors, from Food to Ceramic, from Automotive to Pharmaceutical, from Nautical to Electronic.


Experience, design creativity and research drive converge into one great reality to give life to Profiles, Perimeter and Modular Protection, Linear Guides, Conveyor Lines, Cartesian and Anthropomorphic Robots, Industrial Soundproofing, Protection Systems and Operator Workstations among the most efficient and innovative in Europe.

In a short time Dierre has been able to renew itself by creating a network of companies, united by the same passion for quality and excellence, which have allowed it to consolidate its leadership both in Italy and in Germany.


Future objective: continue to grow, diversifying the offer to conquer new shares in the foreign market and be recognized as the main operator in the sector of protections and components for automatic machines.

The landmarks of success


Giuseppe Rubbiani founded Dierre s.r.l., company specialized in the production of aluminum profiles

Macap Acquisition
The Bologna-based company Macap is acquired, which produces modular protections.
Birth of subsidiaries
The first two branches of the Group are born: Dierre Toscana based in Oste Montemurlo (Prato) and Dierre Decatech in Borgoricco (Padova).
Dierre Motion

Dierre Motion is established, with production facilities in Argelato (Bologna).

Dierre becomes a joint-stock company

Dierre becomes a joint-stock company and increases share capital thanks to the entry of the private equity fund Gradiente SGR.


Dierre Robotics is born company dedicated to the design of high precision Cartesian robots.

The agreement to purchase 100% of the share capital of Ari Metal , a company from Dolzago (Lecco), is the solid reference for the production of modular aluminum structural systems.

Sintesi S.p.A. Acquisition

Dierre S.p.A. took over 80% of the shares in Sintesi SpA , the Padua-based company leader in the industrial soundproofing sector specialized in the construction of protection systems and operator workstations for the “machinery” sector “And industrial plant engineering.

Dierre Decatech srl, Dierre Group company specialized in design, development and
commercialization of technological solutions in support of industrial production, he noted Bassanese Protezioni Antinfortunistiche srl, the historic company of Malo (VI) operating in the same industrial sector.


Sintesi Srl Acquisition

Acquisition of the remaining 20% of the share capital of the Company Sintesi S.r.l.

Acquisition  of 80% of the share capital of ILTRAS, Schio (VI)  through the subsidiary Dierre Decatech based in Padua. ILTRAS is  specialised in plastics and their processing and in the production of safety guards for machine tools and food and textile industry machinery. It also produces LED Backlight panels

Acquisition of 100% of the capital share of IN UNO, Saonara (PD)  through the subsidiary SINTESI S.r.l. IN UNO has a consolidated skills and experience in the design and production of stylish booths, protection guards and the soundproofing of large systems


Smart Application Acquisition

Smart Application is acquired by Dierre Robotics
Entry of NB Aurora Int’l Fund
Dierre Motion, Argelato (BO) extends its production Facility
Dierre Robotics news production plant in Cavriago (RE)

Dierre Group enters in NB Aurora Fund

Dierre Group enters in NB Aurora Fund listed in Italy on the MIV market

Acquisition of the company DCM srl (Verona, Italy), Dierre Safe foundation



Acquisition of the company DCM srl (Verona, Italy), manufacturing safety protections and processing plastic materials.


Thanks to the acquisition of K-Safe company (Vicenza), manufacturing iron safety protections and door kit systems.


Locations and divisions


Dierre, the beating heart and the cornerstone of the Group's core business, is specialised in a wide range of high-quality and resistant aluminium section bars (more than 300 different types) and has a well-stocked central warehouse at the service of Customers and all the Group's factories. In addition to the cutting and machining of aluminium section bars, it designs and manufactures all types of perimeter and modular protections (Eco Line and Fast Line), custom-made frames, conveyor belts, customised booths on board the machinery and all types of applications at the service of the operator. In addition, it houses an important Research & Development centre to ensure its customers cutting-edge solutions for custom-made efficient and safe products.


sgs iso 9001 dierre spa


Thanks to a long experience in the field of machine on-board protections, it designs and manufactures all types of modular accident-prevention lines, offering a complete range of application possibilities for all industrial automatic machines. Characterised by different types of aluminium section bars, these safety protections ensure functionality and aesthetic design as an integral part of the machine. They can be calendered in compliance with all requirements of coherence and harmony with the surrounding work environment and in full compliance with international regulations on safety at work.


sgs iso 9001 dierre spa


Based in Bologna, in the heart of the Packaging Valley, it designs and manufactures linear units and systems for industrial automation. Wide range of standard solutions with more than 20 sizes of extruded parts, sliding on recirculating ball guides or profiled wheels and toothed belt or recirculating ball screw drive systems. The great experience gained over time allows us to offer customised solutions suitable for any work environment. The elements that enable us to provide a reliable and high-quality product are precision and quality of extruded parts, in-house manufacturing of designed components, use of primary brand components and our manufacturing process.


sgs iso 9001 dierre spa


It offers both standard and customised solutions for the machining of section bars and a complete range of related accessories. It designs and manufactures light carpentry structures, such as frames, perimeter and machine on-board accident-prevention protections, belt, toothed belt, chain and slat conveyor systems as well as idle and motor-driven roller conveyors. It also produces welding machines for multiwall polycarbonate sheets and related hot and cold blade cutters, machines and lines for industrial automation.


sgs iso 9001 dierre spa


New and large Logistics Hub for the whole Group as a warehouse of aluminum profiles and related accessories.
Equipped with automatic compactable warehouses and a last generation cutting line, it is the base point for the new e-commerce service for the selling of aluminum profiles in bundles, loose and cut.


It deals with the machining and marketing of section bars and related accessories. It designs and manufactures perimeter and machine on-board protections as well as aluminium structures - bare or complete with polycarbonate panels and meshes. It also offers all the solutions for custom-made conveyors with belt and toothed belt drive systems as well as idle and motor-driven roller conveyors. It also provides for any type of customised polycarbonate and methacrylate panels, with the possibility of both hot and cold bending.


Borgoricco factory: Plant specialised in the supply and machining of high-quality and resistant aluminium section bars as well as perimeter and modular protections of all types. It designs and manufactures customised solutions for the operator such as workbenches, ladders, gangways, machine frames and solutions for handling transparent and coloured polycarbonate panels. It also designs and manufactures hybrid fairings making use of the experience gained in the machining of aluminium section bars and adding painted steel or iron components and/or panels to create a functional and designer product.


In addition to performing all types of machining and production operations carried out at the Borgoricco factory, this plant also handles and transforms plastic materials by processing polycarbonates, methacrylates and all technopolymers. Thanks to the thirty-year experience of its collaborators, it offers laser-cutting processes with polished edges, hot bending, thermoforming, structural bonding and 5-axis machining.


Based in Ferrara, Dierre Tools performs precision machining of CNC milling on aluminum alloys for the various factories of the Group, in order to reduce times of production and have a high product quality. The plant, which occupies an area of 600 sqm, houses n. 3 machining centers with 3 vertical axes each, a tool setting area and a control room.


It designs and manufactures iron perimeter protection systems with bent mesh (OMEGA Line) and with framed panels (EASY Line). All products are modular and effective, in compliance with EU (EN) and international (ISO) directives. The company specialises in Door Kits, specially designed to allow access to work areas in complete safety, eliminating all potentially dangerous elements such as sharp protrusions and obstructions in the transit areas. The wide range of panels available is designed to be used in all types of standard access points and to accommodate all accessories such as locks and brackets for safety devices.


Since 1984, Sintesi has gained an important position in the European markets with its complete range of services and products related to the design, prototyping, engineering and industrialisation of customised soundproofing solutions and industrial protections, control rooms and pulpits, from production to assembly, with a reliable and efficient after-sales service always at the Customer's disposal. Sintesi's products and services are characterised by a constant search for the highest level of technology, functionality and design, guaranteeing its customers innovative, aesthetically refined, modern and unique industrial protections and soundproofing solutions, which is a truly distinctive element of the customer's product image and corporate identity.


It offers standard and customised solutions for industrial soundproofing, guaranteeing high levels of noise reduction for both single machines and complete systems. In addition to industrial safety protections that guarantee compliance with all current safety standards and ensure peace of mind in the workplace - both for employees and entrepreneurs - the company designs and builds control rooms and operator workstations with the aim of creating the right work welfare also respecting the needs of indoor microclimate.

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