New Lifter System

Dierre Group turns years of experience in the field of mechanical processing into a perfect synthesis of technical harmony, designing and creating an automatic modular structure used for the lifting, positioning and extraction of metal sheets. The lifter system project, or a concealed lifting, transport and storage system for thin metal sheets engineered by Dierre, arose from the needs of the end customer.

The solution includes an aluminum housing and polycarbonate paneling for the storage of metal sheets made in four sizes starting from 6 meters up to over 12 meters wide, under which is housed the crossed arms lifting and handling structure controlled by a recirculating ball screw system with positioning servomotor. The handling system allows easy front-side access to the bending or shearing machinery in case you intend to carry out sampling or programming edits on the machine, while it is able to exit from its housing and place itself in the workplace for an automated extraction and storage of finished metal sheets.

The Lifter System can position itself at an exact height, gently pick up the metal sheets, place them on a soft flat surface, lower the worktables and activate the transport conveyors that then carry the products above the storage ramps. The parts packaging employees can subsequently collect the metal sheets and arrange them without the urgency of the machinery cycle, managing the accumulation of several parts and consequently improving the efficiency of the packaging and preparation stages for delivery. ​

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