Inauguration of the new Dierre Group LOGISTICS Hub!

Giovanni Buvoli Mantua Vice-Mayor and Giuseppe Rubbiani Dierre Group President

For Dierre Group, 2024 promises to be full of new features: some resulting from last year.

The new plant in Mantua was inaugurated on 15 December in the presence of the Vice-Mayor of Mantua Giovanni Buvoli, which houses a vertical warehouse of more than 3000 square meters and a latest generation cutting line. The construction of the hub started in May 2023 and has been completed in December, having all the lines completely working.This new hub will be the base point for future e-commerce and an important milestone for Dierre Group logistics.

A great investment for the Group which demonstrates once again with this strategy that it looks to the future with conviction and commitment: watch the time-lapse hub construction video