Eco line


Eco-Line, the line of perimeter protection, is characterized by the speed of assembly, the aesthetic sobriety, the adaptability and the compactness of the accessories.
The Eco-Line modular system, is designed and built to protect the islands of work, areas at risk of injury, transport routes etc.

It is used in general industry, in the food, pharmaceutical, mechanical, automotive, etc., In compliance with all European safety standards.

Perimeter protection Eco-Line, effectively solve their task by outlining the affected areas, through structures made from poles and panels painted iron. A full range of accessories, it solves all requirements of layout.

There are several solutions to door, suitable to meet every need of access: a single or double doors, sliding guide with top or bottom. The openings can be manual or automatic. The technical service, allows you to design and then implement any type of request.

The solutions and the features of these barriers perimeter guards, make Eco-Line, the pride of Dierre Group srl.

Eco line
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eco line
eco line
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