New business solutions to reduce energy waste

New business solutions to reduce energy waste

Our company must be prepared like anyone else to face the energy price increases announced for the coming months.


Learning not to waste energy is a responsibility of each of us and Dierre, investing year after year in a policy of social and environmental responsibility (the results of which are published every year in the Sustainability Reports), evolves with new business solutions to adapt to the contexts in which we live that are always on the move, because reducing energy waste - and not only energy ones - must become a healthy habit for our present and for the future generations.


For this reason, we want to do our part for an intelligent social energy consumption, activating with an internal reorganization policy that provides for new working hours. We are convinced that this initiative will have multiple benefits, both collectively and individually, allowing the company to protect itself from the excessive increase in energy costs and to improve environmental sustainability performance by further reducing CO2 emissions (already significantly reduced thanks to the installation of photovoltaic systems to produce clean energy).


Not only that: this solution will allow all our collaborators to finish their work activities earlier and thus have more time available to devote to themselves, to their families and to personal interests.


This is the new working hours in effect from MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2022:

from Monday to Friday 8:00 - 12:30 a.m. 1:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Thanks for your attention!